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Inna, Owner. Dog Trainer. Pet Behavior Counselor

My name is Inna Krasnovsky. I am a CPDT certified pet dog trainer & dog and cat behavior counselor with 26 years of experience.

I cannot remember a time when working with animals was not in my life's goal. I started out as a dedicated volunteer at NYC and Long Island animal rescue groups. I have fostered dogs and cats in need of permanent homes, promoted awareness of animals in need of homes and helped with many adoption events.


My career with animals began as a veterinary technician. After several years of working at veterinary hospitals I became interested in animal behavior and training leading to a job in the behavior department of The ASPCA. I spent years with the ASPCA behavior department and animal shelter learning about dog and cat behavior, dog training and the treatment of various behavior problems. My experience working with shelter animals has been invaluable in helping me transition to a career as a private dog trainer and behavior counselor dedicated to helping dogs and cats become better companions. My training and behavior modification is geared toward getting results, teaching pet owners how to best communicate with their dogs through humane training and keeping dogs and cats in their forever homes by building a life long bond between the animals and their care-takers.


I am dedicated to continuing my education in the field of animal behavior and training, and regularly attend seminars on a broad range of topics concerning dog behavior, training, and animal welfare. I currently share my home with two  dogs and three cats.

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Christine Corda, Dog Trainer. Pet Behavior Counselor CPDT-KA

Christine has always had a passion for nature and animals, in the late nineties she started volunteering at the ASPCA and was later hired by the Animal Placement department. Being in such close constant contact with so many rescued and troubled animals, she became very interested in dog and cat behavior and started studying material by prominent animal behaviorists and trainers, attend seminars and keep up to date with the constantly evolving science of animal behavior. She then started assisting training classes and began having her own private clients, with excellent results.

Her method is positive and force-free. She believes it is important to assess and address any behavioral issue as a whole, which is why many times her consultations, in addition to behavior, include topics such as nutrition, health and natural remedies.


She specializes in behavior modification especially related to aggression, fear, and anxiety.

Inna, dog trainer, cat trainer, new york, ny, nyny, new york city, dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens

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