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dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens


I decided to get a dog and was very nervous because I had never trained a dog before...certainly not for NYC living. My friend suggested Inna and I gladly called. My dog, Rocco, was a rescue mix breed dog (part German Sheppard, part Collie...or so they say). He was less than a year old, very energetic, and very overwhelming at first. The training has been so helpful not only for the dog but more for me. It has given me the tools to work with my dog on my own with the confidence that I am doing something right. Dog ownership is the greatest fun but also a huge responsibility. Inna offers a service that is affordable and above all effective. It has been a pleasure and I will refer her out to anyone who is looking to do training on their own. - Anthony Hayes

dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens


We took a six-week puppy class with Inna and would highly recommend it to any dog owner. Inna was (and still is) very generous with her time and attention. She has always been available to answer our questions outside of class. When our dog needed extra attention, she came in early for individual instruction. Inna's training philosophy is very pragmatic and easy to follow. We and our dog have learned a lot!
- Geoff and Serena

dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens


Deuce, 2 yr. old Pitbull/Boxer Mix Inna has been a life saver for us. I mean that literally. Deuce was once a fearful, unpredictable dog that was one bite away from being put down. After working with Inna, we've been able to steer Deuce's behavior in the right direction. Right from the get go, Inna was genuinely invested in helping us. She made herself available to us and really got to understand our dog's problems and personality. Now, we have the right strategy and techniques to ensure Deuce will have a long, happy life. Thanks Inna! - Nicole Navitsky & Matt Kelly


dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens

Inna of Wag the Dog has helped us achieve the impossible with our dog, Baci-Labrador retriever mix going in her crate happily AND not jumping on the bed in the middle of the night! Whether in person or over the phone, Inna's advice, guidance, and training style have been spot-on. We'd highly recommend Wag the Dog! -Angela Baggetta Hayes


dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens

My dog Petie came from a rescue group in the Bronx. Being on the streets and at a shelter had not taught him appropriate behavior. When he began to show symptoms of resource guarding, I contacted Inna at Wag The Dog for training. Inna came out to the house and surmised what was going on. She was able to show Petie, and me, basic commands that gave Petie an alternative to his self-willed behavior... we isolated and treated resource-guarding, nagging leash pulling, and toy release. Petie's disposition has improved... I cannot be happier with the changes that Inna has helped bring to Petie and his quality of life. He likes to mix it up in the park, but he is quick to listen and respond appropriately when instructed to do so. I see how responsive and well adjusted he is on his own and around other dogs and that makes me happy. I am convinced that all dogs need some training for their own well- being, as evidenced by Petie's happiness today. I cannot thank Inna enough. -Michael Plock, Park Slope, Brooklyn June, 2006

The thing I loved about working with Inna is that she is a very positive and observant trainer. It was obvious right away that she has spent many years working with dogs and understands many types of different dog's behaviors and problems. With my pit bull in particular, she was able to offer up suggestions that addressed issues specific to the breed so we could work with her on them before they became a real problem. She is not prejudiced towards any particular breed or type of dog and I learned so much not only when she was working with my dog, but when she was working with the other dogs in our class and their particular issue. For me it was important to be in a positive learning environment and I loved the click and reward method used in class to highlight the desired behavior as opposed to trying to dominate or "correct" the dog. 


I very highly recommend Inna and Wag the Dog if your dog has behavior issues or if you just want to remind yourself and your dog about good manners. It has been very helpful and very bonding for me and Juno. I am looking forward to continuing to take classes with her to keep the good behavior going well into her adult years.

Danielle F.


dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens
dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens

Sophie & Maggie

I am overjoyed with the work you've done with our Airedale, Sophie, (and with me!). Our beautiful puppy has made so much progress in a few short months, all thanks to you! She is a smart and loving companion, and the basic lessons you gave us help us enjoy every minute with her, both at home and out in the world at large. Your knowledge is only matched by your enormous love of animals. I feel really lucky that we found you!! 
Many thanks, Colette & Steve



Dear Inna, I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found you for my wonderful puppy, Maggie! Under your caring instruction Maggie has transformed from and adorable doggie who totally ignored me to an even more adorable doggie who totally pays attention to me!! (It has been quite remarkable!)


I am so thankful to you for all of the attention and energy that you have given to Maggie and to me in order to make her a polite, wonderful and well-behaved pet! In the process I have become a more informed, aware and knowledgeable pet owner due to your many recommendations and the gracious way in which you share your wealth of knowledge.


Both she and I have learned so much!! I would highly recommend that everyone have their dog "wagged". It has been a pleasure to work with you, 
Nuala Martin, Queens, NY

dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens


I don't know where we would be without Inna and Wag the Dog. Her one-on-one training as well as her Reactive Dog Class have been extremely helpful for us and our nervous mini-schnauzer. We have seen positive results with just one private lesson and her 6 day course, both of which were affordable and fun! When we adopted our dog Arthur, we had no idea the extent of his issues with other dogs. Arthur could not even bear to look at another dog from a far distance without reacting inappropriately (barking, whining, growling, lunging) and we lived in a building full of other dogs. He also reacted negatively to people on walks as well. Inna taught us not only about reactivity (and the differences between nervousness and aggression), but she taught us how to replace negative with positive behavior and how to keep our dog feeling secure and safe. She gave us the tools to teach Arthur to pay attention to us on walks. She taught us about reading doggie body language and responding in a timely fashion to teach a new behavior. She is honest about realistic goals and when to expect results from daily training. And although he is still progressing and learning every day, we have noticed a definite positive change in Arthur's behavior. Now on our walks he isn't bothered by people, bikes, loud noises, or even dogs at a safe distance. And when we do confront another dog up close, its not as stressful for dog or owner and we know just what to do! I highly recommend her one-on-one training and her Reactive Dog Class! Robin R. Queens

dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens


When my girlfriend and I adopted our longhaired Chihuahua, Yuji Chai, he was timid, scared of strangers and especially other dogs. Wag the Dog small dog group-training classes taught us, the owners of the dog, how to train our Chihuahua to overcome his shyness and fears. He is now a very well behaved, well-socialized dog and I am confident that his life will be much happier. Yuji understands when his behavior is appropriate and tries very hard to make sure that we are pleased with his behavior. In six short weeks he learned commands that make living with him a dream. I love that if we are walking outside and he sees a chicken bone I can tell him to leave it and he listens. My friends and neighbors think he is a super-dog. Wag the Dog changed our dog's life for the better and I highly recommend the small dog classes to anyone who has a small dog. It will change yours and your dog's life for the better. - Miguel Villagran. Brooklyn, NY 2007

dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens

Ecco & Cosmo

Cosmo was an only dog for 8 years and we wanted to adopt a second dog. We rescued a 7 year old fellow cocker spaniel, Ecco. Cosmo was a very shy, slow-to-warm up guy and startled easily, especially in the big city! Ecco barked at loud noises and was quite disruptive. They growled at each other often. We thought a trainer would help Cosmo and Ecco adapt to their city home and their expanded family. Inna's training style suited us very well and she genuinely loves animals. We chose in-home obedience classes so Inna could see them in their everyday environment. She emphasized positive reinforcement and introduced us to our favorite training tools-treats and clickers. Now, Cosmo doesn't shy away from strangers and Ecco listens attentively to our commands. Both enjoy each other's company and their basic obedience skills are top-notch. We absolutely loved Inna and we can't thank her enough for improving our quality of life. 
Cheryl & Neal Moskowitz

dog training manhattan, brooklyn, queens


We love Inna! We are first-time puppy owners, and Inna helped us turn our adorable puppy, Maya, into a well-mannered, responsive, and even more adorable dog! Inna has an amazing way with the pups, and she provides a truly positive, thoughtful, individually-tailored approach. She is enthusiastic, professional, flexible, and encouraging; in short, we can't recommend Inna and Wag The Dog highly enough. D. & V. Manhattan

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