At Home Manners
Private Basic Manners and Training Package
Cost: $400 for 3 lessons or $450 for 4 lessons 
A one time emergency lesson is $185 for 90 minutes

Your dog may not have any serious behavior problems and is just an unruly adolescent or a newly adopted dog who needs extra help learning better manners. Perhaps you want to teach your canine companion basic manners but are unable to attend our group classes? I am happy to help you turn your less then perfect dog into a well behaved canine buddy!


  • Does your dog pull on the leash?

  • Is your dog having trouble focusing on you when outside?

  • Does not come to you when called?

  • Is your dog jumpy and unruly around visitors?

  • Does your dog constantly seek your attention?

  • Do you want to teach your dog basic manners such as sit-stay, leave-it, focus on you around distractions, reliable recall, better impulse control and greeting people politely? 


I am happy to help you have a better mannered dog.




Or give me a call: 718-486-7930


"I would recommend Inna to anyone and everyone as she takes pride in her work and really takes the time to understand/study the situation.  She's very down to earth and the dogs loves her. Can't wait until the next appointment. Thanks Wag The Dog!"


Edwin, Brooklyn 

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