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Dog Behavior Problems

"Wag The Dog saved us!  Our dog Houston was a mess when it came to other dogs.  He was extremely reactive around other dogs and neighbors in our building, but after attending the reactive dog class (and of course continuing the training everyday), he has been a million times better.  Inna's class was so helpful and motivating.  Now we can walk him down the street confident that he won't lunge after his neighbors!Heath, Long Island City 

Help With Dog Behavior Problems
Behavior & Training Packages:
4 Lessons: $800 
5 lessons: $850

One Time Emergency Behavior Session: $200

Each lesson is one hour long. Your behavior and training package includes weekly Zoom check-in calls where we review what you worked on, celebrate your success and adjust the training if needed. In addition I am always available by email to answer your questions. 

We are unable to offer refunds on incomplete packages.
Once you have begun your training packages if you are unable to complete your package by the expiration date-we can not issue a refund for the remaining lessons.

Reactivity on Walks Program

If your dog lunges, barks, growls and is stressed or anxious on walks when encountering other dogs or people, making your walks full of anxiety and frustration, my 6 week Reactive Dog Training Package is for you. 


The program is a hybrid of virtual behavior consultations and caching with in person training lessons at McCarren Park, Williamsburg The program is designed to help you learn how to reduce your dog’s reactivity towards other dogs or people by helping your dog feel less anxious around other dogs or people and teach your dog to make better behavioral choices that counteract reactivity. 


In addition to your regular lessons, you will get extra help in the form of weekly 15 minute Zoom or phone check in calls where we discuss your dog’s progress, adjust the training if needed and I answer any questions you may have. 


The cost of the Reactive Dog Training Package of 6 lessons and weekly 15 minute check in calls is $1,000 total. 


Please email me for additional details. 

Living in a big city with a leash reactive, aggressive, anxious or fearful dog is challenging. Going for walks can be stressful and embarrassing. Dogs with stranger danger can hinder your social life. Separation anxiety in dogs can make it hard to leave your home. Dog behavior problems can limit your enjoyment of your canine companion. But it does not have to be this way! 


Our experience, understanding of canine behavior and use of humane and proven techniques will help your dog overcome their behavior challenges. Our mission is to help your dog learn better coping skills and better behaviors. 

  • Is your dog aggressive or reactive toward visitors or people you encounter on walks? 

  • Is your dog aggressive or reactivity toward other dogs on walks?

  • Are you living with dogs who don’t get along? 

  • Do you have a dog who guards their food, toys or bed? 

  • Do you have a fearful dogs who has trouble adjusting to life in a big city? 

  • Is your dog barking at every sound? 

  • Is your dog suffering from separation anxiety and barks, cries or is destructive when left alone?

  • Is your dog showing aggressive behavior toward you (the owner) or to other family members?


We can help. Let's get started helping your dog become a better companion.


Or call: 347-469-3971

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