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Wag The Dog NYC offers the following group classes.

Group Classes
Virtual Puppy Head-Start Class Saturdays at 10am.
Cost: $300 for 4 weeks

Who It's For: If you are a new puppy parent, your puppy is between 8 weeks and 5 months. If you are struggling with common puppy behaviors or would like to introduce your puppy to basic manners. This 4 weeks easy to follow virtual class is designed to help you with common puppy behaviors and give puppies a head-start start in basic manners. 

What Is Covered

Puppy Behavior Basics

Puppy Socialization: It’s more then just playing with other puppies! How to ensure that your puppy is ready to take on the world and handle it with grace.

Biting and Mouthing: They all do it. Puppies use their mouths to learn about the world around them, (among other things). Mouthing and biting are normal puppy behaviors. Puppy parents will learn how to handle mouthing and biting and teach puppies a better way to interact with people without using these sharp puppy teeth. 

Potty Training: Whether you have a small breed and want to teach your puppy to use the wee-wee pads exclusively or your goal is to teach your puppy to only potty outside, we teach you how to achieve your potty training goals.

Destructive Behaviors: Does your puppy chew and destroys “forbidden” items? From personal belongings to rugs and furniture? You will learn how to best get destructive behaviors under control.

Basic Manners 

This class will cover the basics: Impulse control. Focus and attention on you around destructions, Name Recognition, Eye-contact, Sit-Stay, Greeting people politely, Come when called, Walking on a loose leash and more. 

Upcoming Classes

Virtual Puppy Head-Start:
Saturday August 13 at 10am


Basic Manners Class

Semi Private Reactive Dog Class for 2 Dogs


Or give us a call:

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Basic Manners
Cost: $350 for 6 weeks

Basic Manners Class is for dogs 5 months and older. Basic Manners will cover the following behaviors:

  • Walking on a Loose Leash

  • Leave-it

  • Focus and Attention on You Around Distraction

  • Impulse Control

  • Clicker Training

  • Name Recognition

  • Sit-Stay

  • Come when Called

  • Greeting People Politely/ Jump Prevention

Get in Touch!
Semi-Private Reactive Dog Class For 2 Dogs
Cost: $400 for 4 weeks

This class is for dogs who are reactive or aggressive toward other dogs or people. In this class dogs learn better coping skills and new behaviors. The Reactive Dog Class provides a controlled, safe environment where owners of reactive canines work on teaching dogs alternative behaviors to barking, growling, lunging, or showing too much arousal toward dogs or people. Registration is on a case by case basis. The Reactive Dog class is a clicker training class. We use motivational, reward-based methods. No choke chains, prong collars, or physical corrections. This class is limited to 2 dogs. 

Class takes place at McCarren Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

The Reactive Dog Class will help you:

  • Learn how to read your dog's body language

  • Learn how to better manage your reactive dog

  • Learn how to shape and change your dog's behavior

Contact Info:


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