Cat Behavior
Cat Behavior Consultation
Cost: $200 for a 60 to 90 minute behavior consultation.
$375 for 2 behavior sessions.

I work with cats too! Feline companions can have their own behavior problems . Wag The Dog offers behavior consultations for cat owners who need help with some of the following cats behavior problems:


  • Is your cat having trouble using the litter box consistently?

  • Do you have more then one cat and they are not getting along?

  • Do you have a cat who becomes aggressive when handled?

  • Does your cat play too roughly? Chases you around the house or attacks you when you move around?

  • Are you adding a new cat to the household and want to make sure that your current cat (or dog) get along with each other?

  • I also offer: Clicker training for cats! If you have a friendly, playful cat--you can teach your feline companion some fun tricks using the clicker training method. You and your cat can have fun learning cute tricks and enrich your cat’s life!


I would love to work with you and your cat. 




Or give me a call: 718-486-7930

Happy Cat, Happy Owner

"Wag The Dog services Great for Cats Too: My rescue cat, Pye, was a terror. I could not play with him, pet him or even sit by him without fear of an "attack." When I walked passed him he attacked my feet, and Pye liked attacking my other cats.  Needless to say, things were not working out with Pye, and I kept him in a cage most of the time, letting him play outside of the cage when I or the other cats were not in the room.  I was feeling really awful about the situation. I was afraid of him and he was stuck in a cage most of the day. I needed help, quickly.  I was so overjoyed to find Wag the Dog and Inna.  Inna changed the way in which Pye and I relate to one another.  Inna explained cat behaviors, and Pye's behavior specifically.  She trained Pye and I on how to have structured play time together, and she taught us different communication tricks to do together. After many weeks of following her instruction, Pye and I trust each other, and he doesn't attack my feet anymore! Pye has really mellowed out. He is still a work in progress, but our relationship is so workable and better because of Inna's great work. Wag The Dog services cats as well as dogs! Thank you Inna!" 

Lensie G. ~ Brooklyn


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