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Cat Behavior
Cat Behavior Consultation
A one time 60 to 90 minute cat behavior consultation: $250
A package of two sessions including a 60-90 minutes behavior consultation and one 60 minutes follow up session: $375

I work with cats too! Feline companions can have their own behavior problems . Wag The Dog offers behavior consultations for cat owners who need help with some of the following cats behavior problems:


  • Is your cat having trouble using the litter box consistently?

  • Do you have more then one cat and they are not getting along?

  • Do you have a cat who becomes aggressive when handled?

  • Does your cat play too roughly? Chases you around the house or attacks you when you move around?

  • Are you adding a new cat to the household and want to make sure that your current cat (or dog) get along with each other?

  • I also offer: Clicker training for cats! If you have a friendly, playful cat--you can teach your feline companion some fun tricks using the clicker training method. You and your cat can have fun learning cute tricks and enrich your cat’s life!


We love helping cat parents. 




Or give me a call: 347-469-3971

Happy Cat, Happy Owner

"Wag The Dog services Great for Cats Too: My rescue cat, Pye, was a terror. I could not play with him, pet him or even sit by him without fear of an "attack." When I walked passed him he attacked my feet, and Pye liked attacking my other cats.  Needless to say, things were not working out with Pye, and I kept him in a cage most of the time, letting him play outside of the cage when I or the other cats were not in the room.  I was feeling really awful about the situation. I was afraid of him and he was stuck in a cage most of the day. I needed help, quickly.  I was so overjoyed to find Wag the Dog and Inna.  Inna changed the way in which Pye and I relate to one another.  Inna explained cat behaviors, and Pye's behavior specifically.  She trained Pye and I on how to have structured play time together, and she taught us different communication tricks to do together. After many weeks of following her instruction, Pye and I trust each other, and he doesn't attack my feet anymore! Pye has really mellowed out. He is still a work in progress, but our relationship is so workable and better because of Inna's great work. Wag The Dog services cats as well as dogs! Thank you Inna!" 

Lensie G. ~ Brooklyn


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